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N°22 PWR - Hormone balance 

for women

  • supports female hormone balance during the entire cycle

  • iron, folic acid and B12 help reduce PMS & menstrual issues

  • red clover & Siberian rhubarb support hormone balance

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Hormone-Balance Supplement Women

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Menopause Supplement

N°23 Meno power 

menopause support 

  • women power at age 45+ with iron, folic acid & B12

  • ideal combination of nutrients for menopausal issues

  • phytohormones form plant extracts balance the hormones

N°32 Strong

stamina & vitality for men

  • clever combination of tribulus & black maca extract

  • supoort for testosterone levels & fertility

  • zinc & selenium for hormones & hair growth

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Black Maca Complex

N°33 prosta complex

be Fit & driven At every age

  • well-being for prostate and urinary tract with saw palmetto & pumpkin seed

  • supports testosterone levels & sperm production

  • black garlic extract for heart & blood vessels

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