Tips against a bloated belly during the period

Tips against a bloated belly during the period

Oct 31, 2022Hanna Eversmann

During the period, many people suffer from skin blemishes, pain and other complaints. If digestive problems are added to this, this cycle phase becomes a real challenge in everyday life. We show you 5 tips against bloating: Period without digestive problems - that's how it works.

What causes flatulence before and during the period?

Although some women have cravings for unhealthy food during their periods, a poor diet is rarely the primary trigger. Rather, it is the hormonal changes that also affect the intestines and the entire body. After ovulation, more progesterone is produced. This hormone is actually responsible for the changes in the lining of the uterus. However, it acts not only locally, but throughout the entire body. It has a relaxing effect on the intestines. The movement of the intestines can thus come to a halt and constipation and flatulence are the consequences. If no egg is fertilized, the progesterone level drops again and menstruation begins. In addition, the body now secretes more prostaglandins. This contracts the uterus and can cause cramps. This hormone also stimulates digestion, which can cause diarrhea and bloating.

The changing hormone levels disrupt the bowels. This can cause you to experience anything from constipation, gas, bloating to diarrhea or even a mix of everything. For women who already have irritable bowel syndrome, the time before and during their period can cause more digestive problems.

Bloated belly: period without digestive discomfort - 5 tips

Bloating is unpleasant, causes pain and can restrict you in your everyday life. But what can you do about bloating during your period? We'll tell you 5 useful tips:

1. the air must come out

If you hold back flatulence, this aggravates the feeling of pressure in the stomach. So the air has to come out. Many wait until they are in their own homes to do this, but that can be too long. Because of shame, someone might hear it, they torture themselves through the day with a bloated belly that gets worse and worse. Our tip: Let go! Of course, you don't have to do it in the middle of the office, but you can go to the toilet for it. If you still feel uncomfortable there, playing music on your cell phone will help.

2. adjusted nutrition

Even if the diet does not primarily trigger flatulence, it can aggravate or improve the symptoms. Therefore, you should avoid flatulent foods such as sugar, cabbage and onions. Also, alcohol, excessive coffee and salt have a negative effect on digestion and discomfort during your period. It is better to drink plenty of water, tea, take in magnesium from oatmeal, for example, and eat easily digestible food such as steamed vegetables. If you chew your food well, you will make it easier for your stomach and intestines to digest. This also helps to prevent discomfort.

By the way, you can adjust your diet to the needs of your body not only in this cycle phase, but throughout the entire month. The trend of cycle nutrition deals exactly with this topic.

Healthy foods during period

3. gentle sports exercises

Sport during your period? We say yes, because sporting activity releases happiness hormones that you can use well during this phase. Yet not all sports are the same. We recommend gentle exercises like yoga. Exercise also stimulates your bowels, which can help get the air out of your abdomen. Exercising in a group can be uncomfortable because of bloating, so an online class at home or exercise in the fresh air is better. Even a long walk can improve your symptoms.

Reading tip: Gentle exercises during periods

4. use the power of nature

Some medicinal plants have proven to be effective helpers for menstrual cycle complaints. For example, monk's pepper and lady's mantle are well-known plants that have been supporting women for centuries. They contribute to an intact hormonal balance in the body and are thus also said to reduce a hormonally induced bloated belly.

In addition, you can rely on herbal tea. The herbal ingredients and pleasant warmth relieve flatulence. In naturopathy, fennel, aniseed, caraway, chamomile or a mix of these herbs are used to treat flatulence.

5. relaxation

Stress makes you sick to your stomach? That alone would be reason enough for more relaxation. If you're also menstruating, you should definitely allow yourself time for small breathing exercises or meditation. For example, breathing deeply in and out of your abdomen stimulates the movement of your bowels. This allows the air to be released and the bloated belly to become smaller. Make sure you relax more in your everyday life to reduce digestive discomfort. After all, stress and your intestinal health are closely related.

Heat can also help you relax. For example, you can put a soothing hot water bottle on your stomach, listen to relaxing music and just relax.

Relaxation during period

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What to do if the tips do not help?

Our tips against a bloated belly during your period are not miracle cures. They only help if natural fluctuations in hormone levels are responsible for the discomfort. If you suffer from severe discomfort or PMS, then medication may also be necessary. You can get advice on this at the pharmacy or from your doctor. Medical examinations can also reveal diseases that are associated with similar symptoms. Medical consultation is always necessary if severe abdominal pain, fever, or blood in the stool are added to the bloated belly.