Testosterone Boosters - these plants get men going

Testosterone Boosters - these plants get men going

Oct 28, 2022Hanna Eversmann

Attention, men: Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in the body. However, the modern lifestyle leads to a decrease in hormone production. But you can stop it and without chemical or even dangerous means. In this article, we show you some natural testosterone boosters. Use the power of nature, because it provides you with a whole range of natural sexual enhancers.

Testosterone at a glance

Many processes in the body are regulated by hormones. The hormone testosterone is responsible for male sexual behavior, muscle development, beard growth and more. It is formed in the Leydig cells of the testicles.The basic building block for this is progesterone, better known as the corpus luteum hormone, which plays a crucial role in the female body during pregnancy.

Testosterone levels are subject to natural fluctuations throughout life. In the early 20s, the level is at its highest and from then on it decreases by about 1 to 2 percent per year. This explains why men make less testosterone as they age and can experience problems with their potency. However, it does not mean that young men always have normal testosterone levels. Excess weight, especially abdominal fat, an unhealthy diet with lots of trans fatty acids, little exercise and lack of sleep lead to reduced formation of testosterone. But what actually is a normal level and how do you recognize a deficiency?

How to detect testosterone deficiency

Signs of low testosterone include:

● Libido loss
● Erectile dysfunction
● Mood swings
● Sleep disorders
● Decrease of the musculature, no muscle build-up possible
● Reduction of the spatial perception
● Breast augmentation

Since testosterone also influences bone formation, a deficiency can lead to reduced bone density, i.e. osteoporosis, in the long term. Metabolic syndrome can also be a consequence of a deficiency. If you suspect that your body is producing too little testosterone, you should have your blood level determined by a doctor. The reference range is between 3-10 ng/mL. This already shows that there is not only a lower but also an upper limit. An excess of testosterone is possible and even dangerous.

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7 plants that are real testosterone boosters

A normal testosterone level not only increases your potency, but also helps you stay healthy in the long run. However, simply taking capsules with hormones is not a good idea, because they can harm your health and are often not even necessary. Only if a urologist prescribes testosterone capsules should you take them. In all other cases, the power of nature can be a first starting point. You should definitely know of these 7 natural boosters:

1. garlic

Normally, garlic is not exactly associated with sexuality because of its smell. It's time we reconsider that, because in an animal study garlic was able to increase the testosterone level of male test animals. Especially black (fermented) garlic is seen as a booster.

2. cordyceps sinensis

This mushroom is also known as caterpillar fungus and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries against a variety of ailments. One area of application is the increase of potency in men.

3. black maca

The Maca plant comes from Peru and is one of the staple foods there. In Europe, Maca is hardly known at all. Only Maca powder can be found from time to time as a superfood. Especially black Maca is said to increase libido and fertility in men. Studies have so far measured above all an improved sperm quality through Maca.

4. tribulus terrestris

Indigenous peoples use Tribulus terrestris as a herbal aphrodisiac. Today, it is sold as a natural sexual enhancer and for muscle building as a dietary supplement. But be careful, not all products with tribulus are recommended. When buying, look for an extract with a high saponin content. If the testosterone booster contains only dried, ground leaves, it is an inferior capsules. There are also repeated reports of contaminated products that contain stimulants, hormones or anabolic steroids. Therefore, you should always place emphasis on a trustworthy manufacturer.

5. pumpkin seeds

The mineral zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood. Therefore, a sufficient supply is of great importance for men. This is where pumpkin seeds come into play, because they are a natural source of zinc and thus a natural testosterone booster. In addition, pumpkin seeds are said to support the function of the prostate.

6. nettle

This medicinal plant is often used as a tea for water retention, but it can do more. A study on mice that had low testosterone levels due to the administration of nicotine concludes the following: it is likely that an extract of nettle increases the sperm quality of the mice.

7. fenugreek

Spice and traditional remedy at the same time. It is valued for its strong antioxidant properties. It is said to stabilize blood sugar levels and, for men, also has a libido enhancing effect.

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Healthy lifestyle as natural potency remedy

In addition to medicinal plants, a healthy lifestyle is a real testosterone booster. With a nutritious diet, exercise, adequate sleep and normal weight, you set the best conditions for a healthy testosterone level. When it comes to nutrition, you can rely on foods with zinc, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. When you sleep, your body has time to produce enough testosterone. Therefore, treat yourself to a healthy sleep. Intense physical stress such as training leads to a testosterone release, because the body needs the hormone to build up the muscles. Unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking, on the other hand, reduce natural testosterone production. Therefore, refrain from these stimulants.

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