Stimulate Metabolism
  • Energy Booster for more Power during the Day
  • Fight Tiredness and Exhaustion


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Endo Biotic
Probiotic Bio Cultures

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Keto Diet Capsules
  • Optimal Supplement to a Keto Diet
  • Covers the Daily Requirement of Vit B12 & Niacin


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Sugar Fix
Regulate Blood Sugar
  • Supports Blood Sugar Levels with Chromium
  • Contains Cinnamon, Jambul Tree & Bitter Melon Extract


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Burner Capsules
  • With L-Carnitine and L-Tryptophan for the Night
  • Ideal Combination for Body and Mind


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Vitamin B Complex
All 8 B-Vitamins + Co-Factors
  • High Strenght & Bioavailability
  • With the Cofactors Choline & Myo-Inositol


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Vitamin B12
1000mcg Methylcobalamin
  • Highly Dosed with 1000mcg per Capsule
  • Supports Cell Division, Nerve Function & Blood Formation


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with 25mg per Tablet
  • Supports the Immune System & Metabolism
  • Good for Skin, Hair & Nails

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Here you will find our high quality nutrient combinations to support a functioning metabolism. We provide you with high quality ingredients with optimal bioavailability. 100% vegan and sustainable. 

The human metabolism - What you should know about it 

Metabolism is the term used to describe the transformation of various substances in the body of living beings. It is important to know that metabolism does not equal digestion. But digestion is part of metabolism. When talking about metabolism, one is the conversion of nutrients into intermediates (metabolites) and end products. Primarily, there are 3 types of metabolic processes. These are the building (anabolic) process, the breaking down (catabolic) process, and the remodeling process. Secondly, metabolism refers to the form of energy production and consumption by the human body. For example, energy can be obtained from carbohydrates, fats or proteins. Stimulating the metabolism - Is it really possible? Fact is: every person is different and accordingly, every person has a different metabolism. Some people naturally have a faster metabolism than others. The good news is that no matter if you have a fast or slow metabolism, you can do something for it. 

Below, we'll give you 3 tips that will really boost your metabolism. 

Drink enough water 

Sounds too simple to be true? But it is. If you make sure to drink enough water throughout the day, you will automatically increase your metabolism. Water contains no calories. Nevertheless, your body has to filter, process and finally excrete it again. All these processes consume energy. At the same time, water is as important to us as the air we breathe. If you are sufficiently supplied with water, all processes in your body can run better. 

Sports and exercise 

Regular exercise gets your circulation going and you burn more calories overall because your muscles are more active. You can further enhance this effect with the right workouts. Strength training, HIIT and moderate endurance training all ensure that your muscles are active and use a lot of energy. Strength training has the great advantage that you increase your muscle mass in the long run. More muscles automatically burn more calories and ensure a more active metabolism. HIIT training also stimulates your muscles to grow. At the same time, the high intensity leads to the so-called afterburn effect. Your circulation remains elevated for the next 24 hours. With endurance sports, neither the muscle growth nor the afterburn effect is equally given. Nevertheless, this sporting activity is also very well suited to stimulate your metabolism. This is because a lot of calories are burned during the activity itself due to the prolonged continuous exercise. 

Balanced diet 

Another method to support your metabolism is a balanced diet with many vital substance-rich foods. Pay special attention to fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. This will provide your body with plenty of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These micronutrients are involved in various metabolic processes in the human body. If enough of them are present, these processes can run optimally. We know that it is not always easy to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. Here, supplements can occasionally be a useful addition. 


Our MORNING capsules provide you with green tea extract and guarana. At the same time you cover your daily requirement of Vitamin B12 and niacin to be mentally fully there. As an extra bonus to this powerful combination of nutrients, we have added the power amino acid L-Carnitine. 


After a hard day, your body needs sufficient and restful sleep. That's why you get with our NIGHT capsules a smart nutrient combination of melatonin for fast asleep and the natural extracts of valerian, passionflower and lemon balm. The whole thing is rounded off with the two amino acids L-carnitine and L-tryptophan. 


ACTIVE is our natural stimulant against fatigue due to the Vitamin B complex it contains. In addition, ACTIVE contains valuable extracts from ginkgo, ginseng, guarana and green tea. Vitamin C and E as well as zinc, manganese, copper and selenium protect your cells against oxidative stress. 


A healthy metabolism also requires a healthy intestine. For a healthy intestinal flora very different bacterial strains are important. They help you digest various foods so that the nutrients can be absorbed by your body in the best possible way. Our ENDO BIOTIC powder contains valuable living bacteria cultures to support your intestinal flora.


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