with 10 % sulforaphane
  • Equals to approx. 2.5kg Broccoli
  • Rich in Vitamin B2, B6, E & C


( Unit price£43.32 per  100g )

Rich in polyphenols and ellagic acid
  • Contains 40% Ellagic Acid & Punicalagin
  • Rich in Antioxidants and Phytochemicals


( Unit price£41.74 per  100g )

Siberian Ginseng
Reduces signs of fatigue
  • Used for Physical & Mental Stress
  • Highly Dosed with 900mg per Daily Dose


( Unit price£33.33 per  100g )

Citrus Bioflavonoid
from Bitterorange and Grapefruit
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Contains Naringin, Diosmin & Hesperidin


( Unit price£47.30 per  100g )

Endo Biotic
Probiotic Bio Cultures

from £19.90

( Unit price£22.68 per  100g )

Find Inner Peace
  • For Well-being and Good Mood
  • With Ashwaghanda and 5HTP


( Unit price£70.77 per  100g )

Fall asleep faster
  • Contains 1mg Melatonin & L-Tryptophan
  • Valerian, Passionflower & Hops


( Unit price£85.58 per  100g )

Hormone Balance for Women
  • Covers the Daily Requirement of Iron, Folic Acid & B12
  • With Siberian Rhubarb, Yams & Red Clover


( Unit price£33.71 per  100g )

Vitamin B12
1000mcg Methylcobalamin
  • Highly Dosed with 1000mcg per Capsule
  • Supports Cell Division, Nerve Function & Blood Formation


( Unit price£22.64 per  100g )

Vitamin B Complex
All 8 B-Vitamins + Co-Factors
  • High Strength & Bioavailability
  • With the Cofactors Choline & Myo-Inositol


( Unit price£31.49 per  100g )

Natural Vitamin C
from Native Rosehip Extract
  • High Strenght with 250mg per Capsule
  • Covers the Daily Requirement of Vitamin C


( Unit price£25.03 per  100g )

Products to strengthen and increase your well-being

Every person has a different life, immune system, unique body and individual perception of their own health and well-being. What many people do not know or do not take into account is that we can actively increase our well-being in everyday life. This can be done both from the outside, for example through sport and exercise, and from the inside, for example through a healthy diet or taking nutritional supplements. 


In other words, with almost everything that also has an effect on our hormone balance. Because our hormones are involved in our emotional world. Hormones not only control our body, the body's own processes and our metabolism, but they are also able to relieve pain, lift our mood and increase our sense of well-being. Finding inner peace and activating your own strength and health is just as important as promoting a balanced hormone balance. 


Food supplements from Clav in the form of vegan capsules can help you to increase your well-being and to strengthen it and your health in everyday life. With a relaxed sleep, a healthy hormone balance and all the important nutrients you need to survive, you can start the day and your life full of energy and strength. CLAV's superfoods, such as pomegranate or broccoli extract, can strengthen you and your body from the inside out and help to increase your well-being in everyday life and in the future.


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