Siberian Ginseng
Reduces signs of fatigue
  • Used for Physical & Mental Stress
  • Highly Dosed with 900mg per Daily Dose


( Unit price£33.33 per  100g )

Find Inner Peace
  • For Well-being and Good Mood
  • With Ashwaghanda and 5HTP


( Unit price£70.77 per  100g )

Fall asleep faster
  • Contains 1mg Melatonin & L-Tryptophan
  • Valerian, Passionflower & Hops


( Unit price£85.58 per  100g )

Stimulate Metabolism
  • Energy Booster for more Power during the Day
  • Fight Tiredness and Exhaustion


( Unit price£79.12 per  100g )

Hormone Balance for Women
  • Covers the Daily Requirement of Iron, Folic Acid & B12
  • With Siberian Rhubarb, Yams & Red Clover


( Unit price£33.71 per  100g )

Vitamin B12
1000mcg Methylcobalamin
  • Highly Dosed with 1000mcg per Capsule
  • Supports Cell Division, Nerve Function & Blood Formation


( Unit price£22.64 per  100g )

Vitamin B Complex
All 8 B-Vitamins + Co-Factors
  • High Strength & Bioavailability
  • With the Cofactors Choline & Myo-Inositol


( Unit price£31.49 per  100g )

Why should I buy herbal mood enhancer capsules?

Every day is different and every day we have a different mood. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. But when it comes to using natural mood enhancer capsules, CLAV has just the right supplements and vitamins for you. What many people don't know is that our personal mood is often linked to our hormones. If our hormone balance is imbalanced, this has a correspondingly negative effect on our mood and can lead to mood swings. This is because there are essential nutrients that need to be covered in our diet in order for our bodies to function properly. If this doesn't happen, our hormones throw us off track much more often than anything else. 

That's why hormonal balance is heavily involved in everyone's mood. The neurotransmitters serotonin or dopamine actively influence our mood and serve as mood elevators in the body for a reason. 

Our natural mood enhancers provide inner balance, hormone balance for women during their PMS, support during stress or help you fall asleep faster. These factors all have an influence on a positive mood and accompany us through our lives every day. Therefore, herbal mood enhancers can help you feel positive and happy and carry you through the day in a positive mood.


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