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IMMUNE | Strengthen the Immune System

Immune Strengthen the defences

60 Capsules - 1 Month
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Strengthen the immune system

  • Powerful combination for your immune system from natural vitamin C and zinc 
  • To protect cells from oxidative stress
  • With valuable extracts from andrographis herb, acerola, echinacea and grapefruit 
  • Covers the recommended daily requirement of zinc
  • 100% vegan with official V-Label certificate
  • Free from lactose, gluten, genetic engineering and unwanted additives.
  • Recyclable glass bottle with capsules made from plant substances 
  • Laboratory-tested quality and bioavailability
  • Made in Germany
100% Vegan and Vegetarian Label
Immune Complex Supplement - 1
100% Vegan and Vegetarian Label
Immune Complex ingredients - 2
100% Vegan and Vegetarian Label
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CLAV Immune: Supports the immune system and the body's defences

A healthy immune system protects the body externally from pathogens such as bacteria and viruses – and internally from pathogenic cell changes such as cancer or tumours. To remain healthy and be able to withstand all these factors, we need strong defence systems and a healthy immune system.

A healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet, no nicotine or alcohol, low stress levels and plenty of sleep, strengthens our immune system.

However, reality is often an entirely different matter. After all, it is almost impossible to avoid work-based stress, the annual wave of influenza or even sleepless nights. Many people aspire to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle but more often than not fail to stick to these new habits.

Those who want to fortify their defences, for example to beat cold viruses, should therefore actively support their immune system.

Vitamin C and zinc for a normal immune system

Vitamin C and zinc help to protect cells from oxidative stress, and they are also important elements of a healthy immune system. Both nutrients can be absorbed from a balanced diet. However, superfoods such as acerola, a type of cherry from South and Central America, is known to be an extraordinary vitamin C booster.

By way of comparison: Oranges contain 45 mg of vitamin C in 100 g of fruit, whereas strawberries contain 55 mg of vitamin C. Acerola contains 1,700 mg of vitamin C in 100 g of fruit.

Due to its high vitamin C content, acerola is suitable above all for juices but can also be consumed dried in cereals. We have included 260 mg of acerola extract, equivalent to 65 mg of vitamin C, in CLAV IMMUN.

The trace element zinc is a natural remedy that supports the body's defences with a regulating effect on the natural immune system and is also said to prevent infections. The Cochrane Collaboration has been able to prove the helping effects of zinc in scientific studies.


Nutritional values per daily portion (2 capsules)

Acerola extract


of which vitamin C

65mg (81%*)

Echinacea angustifolia


Grapefruit seed extract




Andrographis herb extract



10mg (100%*)

*Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)

Echinacea, andrographis and grapefruit seed extract

Echinacea, also known as coneflower, is a medicinal plant whose leaves and roots are said to have immune-stimulating properties. Echinacea extract can be used to prevent and treat colds. It is said that Echinacea supports the body's defence abilities.

For many people, green chiretta is an integral element of Ayurvedic medicine and is used to address various complaints such as colds. In clinical studies, green chiretta was shown to reduce the duration of illnesses and symptoms of respiratory tract infections.

In 1980, physician and immune biologist Dr. Jacob Harich observed that grapefruit seeds on his compost heap barely rotted at all. They appeared to be resistant to mould, viruses and parasites. Dr. Harich discovered that specific secondary plant substances in the grapefruit seeds, which included bioflavonoids, were responsible for this protective mechanism, and that they are also suitable for humans.

We have collected all the nutrients described above in the recommended daily doses of CLAV IMMUN for you to support your immune system and your body's defences.

Easy to take

For optimal effect, 2 capsules should be taken daily, unchewed with liquid. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

This is the best way to store CLAV IMMUN

If possible, store the capsules in a dry place away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

CLAV IMMUN must not be used after the expiry date which is stated on the packaging.

Important information

Nutritional supplements are not intended to be a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In some cases, individual intolerances may occur. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Which dietary supplements make sense or come into question for you personally always depends on your physical condition. If you suffer from symptoms and suspect deficiencies, please consult a doctor and discuss which products are suitable for you.

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