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Vegan Supplements

The natural food supplements from CLAV are characterised above all by their high quality and sustainability. All our products are V-label certified, free from lactose, gluten and unwanted additives. We try as far as possible to do without plastic and are committed to a sustainable world. 

Join our CLAV family and try our vegan dietary supplements for you.  

Vitamin B Complex
All 8 B-Vitamins + Co-Factors
  • High Strength & Bioavailability
  • With the Cofactors Choline & Myo-Inositol


( Unit price£31.49 per  100g )

Vitamin B12
1000mcg Methylcobalamin
  • Highly Dosed with 1000mcg per Capsule
  • Supports Cell Division, Nerve Function & Blood Formation


( Unit price£22.64 per  100g )

Vitex Berry Extract
For Women's wellbeing
  • Highly dosed with 10mg 4:1 Extract
  • Rich in Bitter Substances & Secondary Plant Substances


( Unit price£23.28 per  100g )

with 25mg per Tablet
  • Supports the Immune System & Metabolism
  • Good for Skin, Hair & Nails

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