Vitamins for Hair
  • Vitamins for skin, hair & nails
  • Highly dosed with 10,000µg biotin


( Unit price£32.73 per  100g )

with 25mg per Tablet
  • Supports the Immune System & Metabolism
  • Good for Skin, Hair & Nails


( Unit price£19.92 per  100g )

Vitamins for strong hair and glowing skin

We all want healthy hair, strong nails and radiant skin. Healthy hair growth, good scalp and no hair loss to boot. Supplements with zinc, biotin and selenium can not only give your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. 


Your nails and skin also need sufficient nutrients to stay healthy or become healthy and can be supplied by the important hair vitamins. With zinc, biotin and selenium in capsules, you can prevent hair loss, support your hair growth and ensure strong and supple hair - even if it is sometimes difficult in everyday life to eat enough vitamins, nutrient-rich and healthy. Vitamins for the hair can be a useful addition to the diet, especially during stressful phases of life. The body's need for minerals, vitamins and nutrients is then increased, which can quickly be seen: Sallow skin, brittle nails or lacklustre hair can be the result. In the long run, this can also become a mental burden for us. 


CLAV has developed products such as GLOW and zinc to prevent this from happening or to prevent deficiencies. The capsules contain the best vitamins for skin, hair and nails - so that you and your hair can shine from within even in stressful times.


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