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Wild Yams for PMS Relief

May 25, 2022Hanna Eversmann

​​Yam for PMS Relief Yam is a medicinal plant known for hundreds of years and is often used for women's diseases and beyond because of its healing properties.

In this article, you can determine what you should consider while using yams and why it's so good for the female hormone balance.

Wild Yam Root Benefits

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yam has been used to strengthen physical health since the beginning of time. Native Americans used the yam root for female ailments and as a contraceptive. The latter is not scientifically proven, but the healing effect on abdominal pain, cramps, and inner balance are. That's why yam is still popular today for PMS and menstrual cramps.

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By the Way: The yam root is the ancestor of the birth control pill.

Because it contains the hormone diosgenin (similar to human progesterone), the first contraceptive pill was made from it in the 1930s.

But yam is not only beneficial for women. The wild plant has a bone-strengthening effect and helps to prevent osteoporosis. The substances it contains help with calcium absorption, which strengthens the bones and is intended to slow down the premature breakdown of the bone structure. Additionally, yam promotes the proteins collagen I and laminin B2, which support bone formation in the body.

Does Wild Yam Increase Estrogen or Progesterone?

Yam can also be beneficial for women during the time of menopause. Like with PMS and menstrual cramps, the hormonal change is present here. Yam contents increased diosgenin, which is similar to progesterone by structure and can counteract estrogen dominance. Thus, yam can resolve mood swings, hot flashes, and other ailments that come with menopause and means that the hormones can be in good balance again.

Yams against PMS

Yam is significantly helpful during the PMS. The hormone-regulating effect can relieve premenstrual syndrome and help women cope better during this time. Complaints during this period can include headaches, abdominal pain, mood swings, indigestion, sleep disorders, breast tenderness, and many more.

The yam root contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and hormone-like diosgenin, which can restore hormonal balance. Diosgenin is the precursor to progesterone, responsible for the female menstrual cycle. Also, yam contains zinc, iron, manganese, copper, and vitamins B and C, which help with blood formation and balance body function.

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What are the Benefits of Wild Yam for Men?

Men’s bodies also produce estrogen, but in a smaller amount than women's. Nevertheless, men can also suffer from estrogen dominance. Even without typical symptoms of PMS, they can also experience mood swings and other challenges. So, they can benefit from the healing properties of yams.

Also, yam root extract is said to help with weak beard growth, mood swings, sexual aversion, and restlessness. Regular consumption of yam can also support prostate function.

Pay Attention While Consuming

While cooking and eating yam, you need to ensure that it's not raw. It contains toxins that can be harmful in the raw state, so it should always be fried or boiled before consumption.

The whole root can usually be found in Asian shops. You can cook it similar to potatoes or sweet potatoes - peel and boil yam in salted water. After boiling, don't use the water as the toxin oxalic acid gets into the water.

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