Treat Period Pain Naturally: Our Top 8 Tips

Treat Period Pain Naturally: Our Top 8 Tips

Sep 05, 2022Liza Solodovnikova

Almost every woman would like to treat the associated menstrual symptoms quickly and effectively. Taking painkillers is quick and easy, but it can have health-damaging consequences in the long run. In this article, we will find out why natural healing methods are a good alternative and give you eight practical tips.

What are We Talking About?

Same ordeal every month. PMS, menstrual pain, and other accompanying female ailments plague countless women worldwide. The pain is different for everybody, but that is the fact that many women face discomfort and period problems every month. Hormonal treatments, such as birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptive methods, also affect monthly cycles and reduce or eliminate the associated painful side effects.

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All women who suffer from (mild or severe) pain naturally want to feel better and quickly resort to painkillers. The most common side effects are abdominal pain, cramps, back pain, digestive problems, mood swings, chest pain, general malaise, etc.

Painkillers only help temporarily against acute symptoms. They don't get to the root of the problem but treat it superficially. After taking one of these pills, we feel better for a short time and can carry on "normally" again. But when the effect fades, the menstrual pain comes back, and we take the next pill. And this goes on for a few days until the period is over. Such consumption of painkillers can be very harmful to health since many drugs have side effects that can hurt our organs. Additionally, the body becomes resistant over time, so we have to take higher and higher doses.

So what can women do to find natural menstrual (or PMS) relief?

8 Best Tips for Treating Menstrual Pain Naturally

We have compiled eight tips from CLAV editors for everyone who wants to treat PMS and menstrual cramps naturally. 

Maybe not all suggestions will fit you. But it's worth trying, and perhaps you will find a perfect natural cure for period pain.

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1. Relaxation

Stress also affects our bodies. Therefore, on stressful days, your period pain may get worse. If you have a heavy menstrual day, the best remedy is to spend it in your oasis of well-being and relaxation. Take yourself out of the day-to-day business, and give your body the best possible support during this uncomfortable time. Pay attention to your own needs, and take a rest as best you can.

2. Medicinal Plants and Supplements

Chaste tree, lady's mantle, CBD oil, and other relaxing herbal remedies are known as well-tried and partially recognized medicinal plants for treating period pain. They work naturally and can be used in capsule, drop, or tea form. They positively affect the female cycle and can have pain-relieving effects.

3. Heat

Heat has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can positively affect any abdominal pain. Make yourself a hot water bottle, or take a warm bath with essential oils or medicinal herbs. The temperature mustn't be too hot to avoid increased bleeding.

4. Movement

If possible, do gentle sports exercises without physical exertion during your period: for example, go for a walk, do yoga, or do simple stretching exercises. It has an antispasmodic effect and relaxes your muscles.

5. Healthy and Balanced Diet

During your menstruation, your diet should be exceptionally nutritious and healthy. Make sure you have enough Omega-3 fatty acids. They counteract inflammation and can thereby relieve pain. Foods such as nuts, whole grain products, fruit, and vegetables should also be on your menu because they are rich in Magnesium. Magnesium has a muscle-relaxing effect and can also relieve cramps. You can also have a cinquefoil, chamomile, and a lady's mantle tea. 

A healthy diet also includes plenty of vitamins and minerals, which our body needs more than ever to function optimally. Because the cramping muscles have an increased need for nutrients during the period, the pain can increase if they are not adequately cared for.

6. Meditation

Consciously put yourself into relaxation mode during your period. Acupuncture, autogenic training, yoga, other relaxation exercises, or even a soothing massage can help you regain balance and feel better because the body and our mind have to feel good.

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7. Avoid Toxins

Avoid stress, alcohol, nicotine, sweets (and unhealthy eating like fast food), and caffeine during this sensitive time. 

These toxins  in large quantities always harm our health.

8. Sex

It is certainly not for every woman, but sex during menstruation can also relieve tension and be beneficial. The hormone oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, reduces pain.

Relieve Pain with Natural Supplements

Fortunately, we at CLAV recognized how we could naturally help women during menstrual cramps and developed supportive capsules for this time. With POWER, you support your body's hormone balance during PMS and generally keep a hormone balance. 

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Our supplement is rich in a chaste tree, lady's mantle, red clover, and other plants that give your body the best possible support. This combination of valuable nutrients can accompany you in the best possible way and is remarkably bioavailable.

Since the chaste tree is now a well-known remedy for menstrual cramps, we have included it in our range as a different extract. So you can let your menstruation pass calmly. We recommend taking it for several months and trying the tips above.



Disclaimer: This article is a collaborative effort of the CLAV editorial team, created on the current literature base. All our publications are supplemented with passion and expertise for naturopathy and a healthy lifestyle. Our medical experts approve all texts before publication. Please Note: Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, healthy diet or medical advice.