8 Tips That Will Help You To Stop Cravings

8 Tips That Will Help You To Stop Cravings

Oct 03, 2022Liza Solodovnikova

You want to eat healthily, and then suddenly and violently, you feel the desire for something sweet, salty, or greasy. In this article, we'll show you how you can stop cravings with our eight tips!

How Do Cravings Arise?

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Cravings, unlike normal hunger, come on suddenly and are solid urges for certain foods. The feeling is almost irrational and can hardly be stopped without giving in to the craving and eating chocolate, for example. There are many causes of cravings. Some are harmless, and others can be signs of disease.

Causes of Cravings

Food craving is often a sign of a nutrient deficiency after physical or mental exertion or after sweet or unhealthy meals or snacks.

For example, if you eat a light bread roll with jam, your blood sugar level will rise quickly. As a result, your body releases the hormone insulin. In this way, the absorbed sugar can soon reach the cells. It means that the faster the blood sugar rises, the quicker the sugar is out of the blood again. Your body now thinks there is a lack of energy because the blood sugar level is low. It signals your craving for sweets or carbohydrates to bring your blood sugar level back to normal.

Lack of sleep, stress, medications, or pregnancy can also trigger cravings.

Cravings As a Symptom

Since an endocrine system controls the regulation of hunger and satiety, cravings can also indicate a disorder in this system. It can be the case, for example, with diabetes, an overactive thyroid gland, or liver disease.

Mental illnesses such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder can also be causes of the intense craving for food.

Attention: If you suspect one of these illnesses, you should consult your doctor.

Eight Tips Against Cravings

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Everybody gets cravings. With our 8 tips, you can cope with it healthily.

1. Eat whole grains and fiber

When you eat carbohydrates from whole grains, your blood sugar level rises slowly and sinks leisurely. That's great because you'll be complete until your next meal and won't crave unhealthy food. Include whole-grain pasta, whole grain rice, and lots of vegetables in your nutrition.

2. Brush your teeth in between

Harness the power of habit. You've conditioned your body not to eat anything after brushing your teeth at night. If you still feel like eating chocolate after dinner, brush your teeth instead of eating. This effect is associated with the minty taste of toothpaste by many. In other words, you can also drink mint tea or eat mint.

3. Add bitter taste

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Eating or drinking something with a bitter taste will stop the cravings. Bitter foods are usually much healthier than sweet, salty, or greasy snacks. Unfortunately, a grapefruit or chicory is often not enough to curb cravings. Try eating very bitter food or taking bitter drops from the pharmacy to be able to use this effect.

4. Go through life more relaxed

Many people eat unhealthy foods in stressful situations because they are overwhelmed by cravings. This habit dates back to the Stone Age. Your body is still designed to fight, and fast energy is required for this. Craving for sweets is just right. You can prevent this by compensating for stress with, for example, breathing exercises, yoga, sports, or other coping methods. Relaxing dietary supplements can also help you with this. Even if it's not always easy, try to make life a little more relaxed. 

5. Change habits

Sometimes hunger comes from habit. For example, if you consistently eat dessert after lunch, you will find it difficult to skip it. To reduce cravings for dessert, you can develop a new healthier habit to replace your old one. It can be, for example, a coffee, 5 minutes of relaxation exercises, or a short walk.

6. Chromium supplements

Chromium is a trace element the human body mainly needs to regulate blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar prevents cravings.

7. Explore Ayurvedic medicinal plants

Medicinal plants such as the jambul tree can also positively affect blood sugar levels. You can find such plant extracts in dietary supplements. Like chromium, it doesn't provide immediate relief from food cravings, but it can help prevent food cravings in the long term.

8. Eat more protein

If your meals are rich in protein, then often there is no ravenous hunger in between because proteins saturate the organism longer. For this reason, proteins are also perfect for losing weight.

Conclusion: Stop Cravings

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Cravings are violent and sudden and describe a craving for something sweet, greasy, or salty. In healthy people, cravings are caused by a lack of nutrients, stress, lack of sleep, or pregnancy. However, food cravings can also be a symptom of diabetes or an overactive thyroid.

A healthy diet with filling main meals made from whole grains and protein will help prevent cravings. If it does come over you, you can stop cravings with something bitter or by simply brushing your teeth. Reducing stress, changing habits, and taking chromium and jambul will help you fight cravings in the long run.


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