Detox Your Body - What's the Point of Detoxing?

Detox Your Body - What's the Point of Detoxing?

Sep 12, 2022Liza Solodovnikova

Are you wondering what is special in body detox and how to do it right? 

In this article, we will explain the difference between detoxification methods, share the scientific data, and teach you how to detox without any harm.

Detox Your Body: Benefits

Detox is designed to cleanse the body of environmental pollutants such as toxins and chemicals. Toxins are usually defused and excreted through the liver, kidneys, and skin. In case of heavy exposure to environmental toxins, additional detoxification can support the body.

The internal cleansing of the body should:

  • Lead to more energy.
  • Improve immune system.
  • Reduce the weight.
  • Provide more well-being.
  • Keep gut healthy.
  • Normalize the acid-base balance.

What Methods of Detoxification are There?

Below can find out about popular detox cures that you can use to cleanse your body. But be careful. Not every method is suitable for everyone. For example, type 1 diabetics, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and cancer patients should not fast or fast only with medical support.

Therapeutic Fasting and Juice Fasting

Fasting is a millennia-old concept to bring the body into balance. The conscious avoidance of food often had a religious or ritual background in the past. Nowadays, many people also fast for their health.

With both juice and therapeutic fasting, any form of solid food is avoided. Only fresh, vitamin-rich vegetable and fruit juices are allowed for the energy supply. Such a cure usually lasts between three days and two weeks. For example, the intestines can recover and cleanse naturally during this time.

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Dr. Otto Buchinger coined the term "therapeutic fasting."  He developed a precise concept of relief days, colon cleansing, fasting, and recovery days. This body detoxification is often supported by additional relaxation exercises or dry brushing measures.

Following such a fasting cure, building up your intestinal flora with health-promoting intestinal bacteria is advisable. You can use valuable probiotic bacterial cultures to support the intestinal flora.

Lemon Juice Diet (Master Cleanse)

This detox method is similar to juice fasting: solid foods are taboo in your diet for ten days. 

To do a master cleanse, mix six to twelve glasses of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. It is supposed to detoxify by stimulating the metabolism, increasing blood circulation, promoting digestion, and reducing fat. Also, don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Detox Yoga

Yoga and breathing exercises stimulate the metabolism, massage the organs and detoxify the body. The best yoga positions for detoxing are, for example, "child's pose" or the "swivel seat".

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In most cases, the exercises alone are not sufficient for cleansing. Additionally, you can try Ayurvedic fasting, enemas, and yogic nasal rinses. 

Scientific Assessment of a Detoxification

There are no "slags" in conventional Western medicine that need to be removed by detoxification. The topic is received more openly in naturopathy and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). But what does the scientific study situation look like?

Only a few effects of detoxifying the body can be proven. No studies on detox diets or only a few with little informational value since methodological limitations make the results hardly usable.

Therapeutic fasting, on the other hand, has been scientifically well researched. Improvements in certain diseases, such as chronic inflammation, have been confirmed. The effect of autophagy, which could be related to a detoxification cure, is currently being researched.


This term describes a cleansing program for the body's cells, which leads to the breakdown of faulty proteins and cell components. 

It has already been proved that certain types of fasting, such as intermittent fasting, activate autophagy. It is also conceivable that these effects are activated during juice fasting or therapeutic fasting and thus cleanse the body.

Try to avoid a high intake of pollutants, and you won't have to detoxify your body often. We have a few tips for you:

  • Avoid cosmetics without petroleum. Replace such items with natural alternatives.
  • Smoking brings many pollutants into your body. Considering quitting has a positive effect on health.
  • Don't drink much alcohol. Excessive drinking also creates many unfavorable substances.
  • The best beverage for your health is water. It supports body purification.
  • Regular exercises in the fresh air are suitable for the body's natural detoxification. You also stimulate your metabolism.
  • A robust intestinal flora helps your body fight against harmful substances.
  • Indoor plants are natural air filters.
  • When buying clothing, look for non-toxic materials. For example, standard leather is tanned with chrome.
  • Change your diet to low meat but rich with vegetables and fruit. This way, you'll be supplied with vitamins and strengthen your immune system.
  • Choose organic products to avoid pesticides.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables carefully.
  • Such foods as wild mushrooms can be contaminated with heavy metals or radioactive. Eat these foods rarely.
  • To reduce the arsenic content of rice, you should cook it in plenty of water and then drain the water.
  • Choose exotic fish wisely. Predatory fish such as tuna can be contaminated with heavy metals. Plaice or herring are better choices.
  • Do not bake biscuits and fries too dark, as this will produce large amounts of acrylamide, which is harmful to your health.

Detoxification of the Body: Conclusion

Detoxifying your body will give you more energy and make you feel better and fitter. Various methods support the body's natural cleansing through the liver, kidneys, and skin. Fasting can detoxify your body by avoiding solid foods, while yoga stimulates the detoxification of organs.

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Only a few of these effects can be proven scientifically. Therefore, the best way to detoxify the body so far is to absorb as few toxins as possible. Try our tips to start a naturally low-emission life.



Disclaimer: This article is a collaborative effort of the CLAV editorial team, created on the current literature base. All our publications are supplemented with passion and expertise for naturopathy and a healthy lifestyle. Our medical experts approve all texts before publication. Please Note: Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, healthy diet or medical advice.