How You Can Stay Positive Now - 5 Tips For a Good Mood

How You Can Stay Positive Now - 5 Tips For a Good Mood

Jul 18, 2022Liza Solodovnikova

For many months we have been reading bad news. The world's situation is making it hard to stay balanced and calm. Although, staying positive is crucial. We prepared five simple tips that can help you to think optimistically.

Why is it Essential To Stay Positive?

One crisis is chasing the next: COVID-19, climate changes, and the war in Ukraine. That's pretty crushing, and staying positive and calm is not easy. Stress at work, family problems, or financial fears can also occur. 

However, life goes on, and sticking your head in the sand is not a good solution. Some people feel bad or guilty when in a good mood despite a crisis, but there's no reason for that. If you are in a good mood, your mental strength and health are preserved. So you are much more efficient. 

Thinking more positively can help manage crises or invest more energy in aid projects. Staying positive despite difficult times is worth it. And we prepared five tips that can help you to think optimistically.

Tip 1: Smile More Often

Smiling puts you in a good mood and gives you positive thoughts. Even scientists have studied this and developed the facial feedback hypothesis - it says that even a fake smile lifts our spirits. 

And a lot of research supports the theory, and some even say that our entire posture influences our thinking. So consciously adopting an upright posture and smiling even under challenging situations lifts the spirit. And it can even spread to others because a good mood is contagious.

You can try a laughter yoga class if you need a little push to smile more often. According to the "Fake it until you make it" motto, people laugh in a group. The main goals of the course:

  • Stress reduction
  • Well-being improvement
  • Cardiovascular system stimulation
  • Thinking more optimistically and staying positive

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Tip 2: Find Time to Experience Beautiful Things

When all our attention is focused on negative thoughts, we forget that life around us is beautiful. So, try to give yourself little reminders about it. Even if you feel like snuggling up on the couch, meeting people and having a good time together is a much better idea. It can help you stay positive. What you do together can be very individual: organize a game night, get a coffee in the park, go for a walk, try exercising together, cook dinner, or go on a weekend trip.

Tip 3: Support Other People

Working actively to solve the crisis can dispel the feeling of helplessness. Even if we cannot always influence the cause ourselves, the effects also depend on us. You can support other people: with your time, political commitment, financial support, or kind words. Gratitude or a small smile from others can make you feel hopeful. Ultimately, you are helping to overcome the crisis and stay positive yourself. 

However, if you notice that your negative mood intensifies since all thoughts now revolve around the situation, it is better to distance yourself. You can still help in another area. How about volunteering at an animal shelter, for example?

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Tip 4: Feel Gratitude at the End of the Day

When the day ends with bad thoughts, falling asleep can be difficult, and nightmares can fill the night. But, you can avoid this: at the end of the day, be aware of today's good things, and be grateful for them. 

For example, you had a pleasant phone conversation with an old friend and are happy that this person is part of your life. So instead of quickly checking the news before bed and thus promoting negative thinking, it's better to get a pen and paper and write down what you are thankful for today. This small ritual can also become your daily evening routine to make it easier to fall asleep. Here are nine more tips on how to sleep better.

Tip 5: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 

A healthy body is a prerequisite for staying positive. Nutrient deficiency can be exhausting and contribute to exhaustion. Therefore, a balanced diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products is healthy. 

You can also strengthen your immune system through nutrition, which is particularly important during the pandemic. Likewise, exercise and sport should not be neglected. Activities keep your body fit and release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. These will then put you in a perfect mood. The regular happiness hormone kick through sport makes it easier to stay positive in life.

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